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Early in my pastoral ministry, I still thought my primary job was to please people and make them happy, ensure their comfort and leave them liking me. Thus, when someone disagreed with me or criticized me, I spent many anxious hours, usually pre-dawn, reliving stressful conversations, imagining possible witty replies by me and generally demonizing […] Read More

“Open your Bibles to the book of the Prophet Amos…” That sounds like a command from a Bible class of old. Instead, it’s a response to a column by a favorite of ours, William Galston, from the Feb. 24 Wall Street Journal. Quoting Amos may seem arcane and irrelevant, but it is clear and relevant, as […] Read More

It’s becoming fashionable to condemn and criticize the church. It’s popular, and you’ll get a following if you do it long and loud enough. It’s becoming a favorite pastime of folks who are dealing with how the church has disappointed them or someone else. Blaming the church has become a default position for many. There […] Read More

A sermon by Robert Browning, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Frankfort, Ky. John 12:1-8 I wonder what Mary had in mind for this expensive perfume. Was she keeping it for an emergency or to take care of her in her old age? It was, after all, worth over a year’s wages, and could be sold for […] Read More

“Cynic,” and its derivatives, is surely among the biggest “diss” words of this wartime era. While cynicism is real and dangerous, charges of such occur regularly in conversation and print as a means of dismissing the socio-political critique or queries of those less than enamored by the current U.S. administration and its allies. Some recent […] Read More