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Creation Care

The basic premise of ecology is that everything is connected. The very definition of ecology embodies this truth: the word ecology comes from two parts – “eco” from the Greek “oikos” for “household,” and “logia” for “the study of.” Anyone who has grown up in a household understands that it is a complicated web of […] Read More

How do environmental ethics work out in practice in Christian contexts? We can often see tension between caring for the environment and focusing on human concerns. In the past, environmental nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) would not focus on human problems, while world development NGOs would show little apparent concern for the environment. Now it is recognized […] Read More

In 1967, Lynn White proposed that the roots of our contemporary ecological crisis lay with the concept of dominion found in Genesis, and that Western technological development and approach to nature has been based on a concept that humans are separate from nature, with absolute autonomy over it. He proposed an alternative Christian approach, based […] Read More

In order to try to save trees and do a little bit toward helping the environment, I try to do a couple of things: I try to print double-sided (saving paper) and I try to re-use bits of paper on which I have only printed on one side (using them as scrap paper). I started […] Read More

Environmental ethics is often thought to have originated in the 1970s, influenced by Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” and the rise of environmentalism. In 1971, J. Baird Callicott taught the first environmental ethics course in the world. Much thinking concerning the ethics of the environment predated the 1970s. Here we will look at key thinkers and […] Read More

What is nature worth? How do we balance the needs of the natural world with those of human concern? This article aims to explain some of the basic terms in environmental ethics to provide a starting point for the subject. How do we value the natural world? A simple example helps us understand value. We […] Read More

Happy Earth Day 2017! “But wait,” you might say, “should Christians celebrate ‘Earth Day?’ How does our faith help us think about what the Bible calls ‘Creation’?” Here are three important biblical themes for Christians to reflect upon for Earth Day: 1. “The whole earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” (Psalm 24:1). God […] Read More

The tradition of celebrating Earth Day on April 22 is one of the fruits of “environmental awakening” in the end of the 1960s. Started in 1970 in the United States, it has grown into an international movement with partners in 196 countries. This year’s Earth Day is focusing on environmental and climate literacy. The campaign […] Read More

Baptists leaders from Europe and the United States recently discussed barriers to church engagement on the environment in an online conversation moderated by Helle Liht, assistant general secretary of the European Baptist Federation, and Brian Kaylor, associate director of Churchnet, joined media producer Cliff Vaughn for a conversation about what churches are and […] Read More

The alleluias of Resurrection Sunday are still resounding in our ears, and Eastertide comes clothed in spring’s finest attire. It is not surprising that tradition has brought the joyous news of our Savior conquering death to align with the bursting forth of new life in creation. A seventh-century English monk, The Venerable Bede, helped Christians […] Read More