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Creation Care

In the run up to the Paris Climate Change Conference, COP21 – Nov. 30 through Dec. 11 – some significant economic considerations are emerging. A 2006 report compiled by Nicholas Stern dealt with the economics of climate change. A rise of 4 degrees Celsius would put between 7 million and 300 million people at risk […] Read More

Among the most familiar wheeled vehicles that clutter up our world is the grocery cart. These utilitarian mobile baskets have a massive influence on our lifestyle, health, shopping habits and financial outlays. Consider: if we shopped with ordinary baskets we couldn’t load it with all the processed and canned food, plastic bulk packed vegetables, cartons […] Read More

U.S. citizens send five pounds of trash per person per day into landfills, according to a recent study by Yale University’s Center for Industrial Ecology. Yale’s analysis determined that 262 million tons of garbage was disposed of in the U.S. in 2012, the latest data available, compared to estimates by the Environmental Protection Agency of […] Read More

Tuesday, Sept. 1, was a special day. By declaration of Pope Francis, it was the first World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. For several weeks, the current pope has been making news with his strong affirmation that we have a divine obligation to care for God’s good earth. In an effort to […] Read More

Is climate skepticism doubt, denial or opposition? Classic “Cartesian Doubt” questions uncertainties but not as an end in itself. Descartes questioned to establish reality. Those who only seek evidence to support their view are opponents or denialists. There are a number of places in the Gospels that record Jesus’ response to doubt and opposition, and […] Read More

As we approach the crucial climate change talks in Paris in November, politicians, scientists and the general public will be discussing the topic and it will be aired on the media. Some will suggest that climate change is not happening, is not caused by humans, or is too expensive to do anything about. But why […] Read More

Thirty-one percent of all U.S. citizens and 40 percent of U.S. Roman Catholics have heard about Pope Francis’ encyclical on ecology. Released in mid-June, “Laudato Si” was largely overshadowed by the tragic church shootings in Charleston, South Carolina, which took place the night before the document’s release and was followed by debates regarding Confederate flag […] Read More

The hope of new life, new possibilities, new hope, new being made possible through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is the central message of Christianity. Paul describes the transformation that Christian faith brings in 2 Corinthians 5:17, “So if anyone is in Christ, there is new creation: everything old has passed away; see, […] Read More

I have taken notice of the subtle shifts in environment since I was last in the mountains of northern New Mexico during a recent weeklong Sabbath observance. Some may say that five years is much too short a time to measure; I was last here in 2010. True, but perhaps I am paying more attention […] Read More

I learned a valuable lesson during my time in pastoral ministry. Soon after arriving at one of the congregations I served, I noted the use of Styrofoam plates at Wednesday night Bible study. I suggested to a key church leader that we should use the washable dinnerware and industrial dishwasher instead. He responded negatively, which […] Read More