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Creation Care

While the US consumes over 300 billion gallons of water daily, about 800 children worldwide die due to lack of water. Access to clean water is a crisis with life-threatening consequences. You can be part of the solution. […] Read More

The weather is changing globally. People of faith must take climate change seriously, especially since we are stewards of God’s creation. How we treat the world often offers evidence to the kind of theology we believe and practice. […] Read More

We have grown accustomed to thinking that clean water provision is simply a matter of access, distribution or technology, but the reality of climate change has changed the game. More than ever, water is becoming a double-edged sword. […] Read More

At a time when the world is on fire and the web of life is fraying, the theology and ethics of creation care make up the most important issue facing followers of Jesus and the Church of Jesus Christ. […] Read More

Water is fascinating. And when you have patience to listen to the water, it speaks to you. Yet water is not only a source of an aesthetic or even a spiritual experience for nature lovers. Water brings life. […] Read More

Around 1.6 million people live within three miles of the US’s top 100 toxic emission facilities, which produce 39% of all toxic emissions in the nation, a report said. Nearly 170,000 live within a mile of these facilities. […] Read More

Fewer Christmas lights, no new clothes every season, taking staycations. We are all going to have to make more serious efforts to reduce our environmental impact. It may require sacrifices, but can you justify your current choices? […] Read More

While an increasing number of products bear a recycling symbol, once consumers use the item and place it into a recycling bin, it often ends up in a landfill or is incinerated, a report said. […] Read More

Betty Jane Crandall is an unlikely lawbreaker. The 80-year-old retired elementary school teacher and preschool Sunday school teacher was handcuffed for committing an act of civil disobedience to call attention to the climate crisis. […] Read More

About 4.5 million people die prematurely each year due to health issues connected to the burning of fossil fuels, a report said, including 200,000 who die in the US alone and 40,000 children globally who die before age 5. […] Read More