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Corporal Punishment

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) A Catholic high school that was the country’s last refuge of corporal punishment has ended a legal struggle over control of the school and agreed that the days of paddling are over. “There will be no attempt to reinstate corporal punishment,” said Dan Davillier, a board member of St. Augustine High School […] Read More

As I approach my 70th, I’m spending more time remembering how fortunate I was to have been raised in a loving family, where, as an only child, I was treated as something special. For health reasons, my mother was explicitly told not to risk what would likely be another unsuccessful pregnancy. But throwing caution to […] Read More

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) Archbishop Gregory Aymond says he has firsthand accounts from students who said they were injured by paddling at a Catholic high school, challenging school supporters who have filed suit over the claims. Aymond’s disclosure came as parents and alumni of St. Augustine High School challenged the accuracy of a 2009 report from […] Read More

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) More than 500 students, parents and other supporters of St. Augustine High School marched Saturday (March 26) on the offices of Archbishop Gregory Aymond to oppose his call for an end to the school’s policy of using corporal punishment. The archbishop “is trying to fix something that’s not broken, and he’s going […] Read More

A Chicago-area Baptist pastor faces misdemeanor charges of battery for allegedly spanking a 12-year-old girl with a piece of wood. Police arrested Daryl Bujak, 30-year-old pastor of First Missionary Baptist Church in Elgin, Ill., last Wednesday. Police said the girl’s parents brought her to Bujak last year because they doubted her story that she was […] Read More