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As religious and civic leaders, we need to help our local hospitals and health care professionals care for the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. What you do may seem small to you, but it will be significant. […] Read More

Some may describe this moment of history in apocalyptic terms, but the apocalypse is not earth gone to hell in a handbasket by means of a bloody conflagration. It is the confidence in the promise of a new beginning. […] Read More

Teachers understand good teaching is about trust. You have to build relationships with students to engage the learning process. Building that trust becomes even more challenging when a global pandemic requires you to teach online. […] Read More

As we find ourselves in perilous times, we also find ourselves seeking hope. As Holy Week quickly approaches, good faith people can connect with the Jesus story more this year than any before. Look for the helpers – then and now. […] Read More

Lent is a time of honest introspection. The COVID-19 pandemic offers us a fitting chance to reflect theologically on what is going on in this difficult time and how to respond to it in faith. Here are 5 faithful responses. […] Read More

With many of us enslaved to our economic and social situations, we rarely slow down and rest. Yet Sabbath was God’s way of telling his beloved children they were worthy of rest. Is COVID-19 a ‘great pause’ for us to consider? […] Read More

Chalk it up to putting social distancing into practice. First Baptist of Gainesville, Georgia, called a pastor and hardly anyone attended. Instead, the pastor preached to empty rows of pews as members listened online or on the radio. […] Read More

The global coronavirus pandemic has taken all our normal lives and turned them backwards on themselves. However, we can be in solidarity in a small way with people who have already have their lives turned upside down. […] Read More

The COVID-19 virus is straining health systems around the world, raising questions and forcing decisions regarding how best to care for those who are sick. Faith leaders must ensure vulnerable groups are not overlooked in the process. […] Read More

As the COVID-19 virus rages across the globe, some Christians flaunt the threat to public health, believing they will be spared when they assemble. But Jesus was crystal-clear: Don’t put God to the test. […] Read More