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Coptic Christians

Should your church “go Coptic” on Christmas Eve? I love Christmas – and all the Christmas services. Yet, in the memory all too often one special service merges into another, and none really stands out. So, this question arises: How might we create a truly memorable Christmas Eve service? In respect of the Christmas Eve […] Read More

As Egyptian developments unfold, Christians around the world are asking how best to preserve the Christian community from harm and maintain its voice and role in Egypt. Media outlets have broadcast images of a brutal crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators while local and international human rights nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have strongly criticized the army’s […] Read More

“It’s difficult to see at the moment how this is going to play out, to be honest.” That’s the frank assessment of the situation in Egypt by Anthony Peck, general secretary of the European Baptist Federation, which oversees member unions not only in Europe but also in the Middle East and North Africa. Peck, who […] Read More

Many of us involved in Christian ministry in Egypt are appalled at the misunderstandings about the situation in Egypt being propagated by even normally balanced international media like the BBC, and the way it has, in general, portrayed the Muslim Brotherhood as the victims of injustice. So, on behalf of myself, Ramez Atallah (general secretary […] Read More

Like many others, I have been shocked and saddened by the loss of life in Cairo and elsewhere this past week as the Egyptian military has cracked down on the protesters supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and the ousted President Morsi. Some of the TV pictures have been truly horrifying, showing unarmed civilians gunned down in […] Read More

British Christians have condemned the Egyptian Army’s distortion of its role in the massacre of more than two dozen Coptic Christians in early October. In an unprecedented press conference hosted by Premier Christian Media in central London recently, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) joined Bishop Angaelos, general bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Britain, in […] Read More