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Cooperative Program

When Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Paige Patterson steps to the podium this afternoon at the annual meeting of the Missouri Baptist Convention (MBC), his presence will represent a contradiction both for him and the organization. Patterson has publicly denounced Christians suing one another as violating Scripture, but he privately told Missouri Baptist leaders they […] Read More

If there had been any lingering doubt as to the resolve of the Missouri Baptist Convention’s (MBC’s) executive committee to continue the legal battles with the five “renegade” agencies, as they are fond of labeling them, those uncertainties have all been dispelled by Executive Director David Tolliver’s most recent article in The Pathway.   The […] Read More

Throughout the Missouri Baptist Convention’s six-year legal battle against five Baptist agencies, convention leaders frequently promised that no Cooperative Program money would be used to fund the lawsuits. However, an analysis of the MBC’s audit reports indicates that more than $1.5 million dollars of CP money—given by MBC churches to sustain various ministries and missions […] Read More

A new challenge unveiled by Southern Baptist Convention leaders to increase support for the Cooperative Program unified giving plan would have disqualified from leadership at least seven of the 13 “conservative resurgence” SBC presidents elected since 1979. Hoping to avert a future financial crisis, state and national SBC leaders have endorsed a comprehensive campaign to […] Read More