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Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

Paul Baxley, a Baptist minister in Georgia, has been selected to lead the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. He is the fourth coordinator in the organization’s 27-year history. […] Read More

With the news that Baptist Theological Seminary in Richmond will close, are Cooperative Baptist Fellowship members and entities committed to strengthening the remaining schools? Maybe. […] Read More

A month after Suzii Paynter announced she will transition out of her current leadership role, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship released a profile for its executive coordinator position. […] Read More

Refugees who fled their homelands to escape civil war and persecution find help from Karen Morrow, a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship missionary in Texas, as they adjust to life in the U.S. […] Read More

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has been a voice for the “silenced ones” in society. As the CBF transitions to new leadership, may they continue to nourish this fellowship of advocacy. […] Read More

County extension agents would plant a demonstration plot along the roadside so farmers could see how a new technique or product worked. CBF needs those kinds of co-laborers. […] Read More

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship must find creative ways to collaborate with other Baptists as well as people of other faiths and no faith. The next generation is already pointing the way. […] Read More

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s leadership transition offers an opportunity to be thoughtful and proactive about the future. While the realities are sobering, the opportunities are real. […] Read More

I have seen firsthand the excellent work Suzii Paynter has done to move our Cooperative Baptist Fellowship into God’s future: excellent ministries, a focus on missions and a heart for justice. […] Read More

Suzii Paynter believed the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship needed to be a “big tent” organization that recognized the freedom of each church and individual to discover their God-given mission. […] Read More