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’Tis the season when special deliveries are arriving on front porches all across the US, more than 2.5 billion last year. As Christmas quickly approaches, let us remember the special delivery of that day long ago. […] Read More

As we enter into Advent season, US culture bombards us with consumerism. Our hearts are not with the suffering, the homeless and those in need. They’re aligned with spending more money on more stuff. Can this Advent change us? […] Read More

We’re facing a global environmental crisis. With our methods of resource allocation leaving much to be desired, our children and the rest of God’s creation will inherit the ecological debt that we are failing to pay. […] Read More

In the U.S. and most of the developed world, the winds of capitalism have blown over the land so strongly that the desire of most people is for more and more material things. […] Read More

“Missional” is a bit of a buzzword these days in Christian thinking circles, as churches struggle with what it means to be “the church” in the 21st century. For sure, Christ wasn’t mincing words when he spoke the Great Commission just before he ascended to heaven. Fulfilling this job is the primary work of the […] Read More

Shaun King, senior pastor of Johns Creek Baptist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, talks about how to confront the craziness of Christmas in a new online video interview with King is currently leading a Wednesday night series called “Confronting the Christmas Crazies: Practical Tips on Navigating the Holidays.” In the interview, he shares some of […] Read More

Few people think they are prone to greed. That was the result of an anecdotal I conducted recently as I was preparing a sermon on this topic. Folks admitted to anger, envy and gluttony, but no one confessed a problem with greed. A few attributed greed to others, but not to themselves. These isolated responses […] Read More

Among the most familiar wheeled vehicles that clutter up our world is the grocery cart. These utilitarian mobile baskets have a massive influence on our lifestyle, health, shopping habits and financial outlays. Consider: if we shopped with ordinary baskets we couldn’t load it with all the processed and canned food, plastic bulk packed vegetables, cartons […] Read More

American consumer spending growth has been unusually slow since the Great Recession of 2007-09. Does this signal the adoption of what two Washington Post reporters describe as a “newfound prudence” and a permanent change in consumer psychology? Two recent studies contradict this view of American consumers’ “newfound” character and show that U.S. consumerism is alive […] Read More

Earlier this year, our family switched to an energy company that uses more renewable energy and was less expensive than other providers. I looked at our usage online recently, which revealed that in the summer months our energy usage is much lower than it will be in the winter. We use less gas because there […] Read More