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Conservative Resurgence

The “conservative resurgence” in the Southern Baptist Convention failed in its goal of making the denomination more evangelistic, a professor at an SBC seminary says in an article in an upcoming journal. “An honest evaluation of the data leads us to but one conclusion. The conservative resurgence has not resulted in a more evangelistic denomination,” […] Read More

Twenty-five years into a movement aimed at restoring conservative doctrines, Southern Baptists continue to drift along year after year reporting a little over 400,000 baptisms, and the vast majority of those occur in a relatively small percentage of the churches, “conservative resurgence” co-founder Paige Patterson said Sunday. “The other day I received a telephone call […] Read More

Not many moderates will be found at this week’s Southern Baptist Convention, which marks the 25th anniversary of what is alternately called the “conservative resurgence” or “fundamentalist takeover” of the nation’s largest Protestant faith group. Conservatives in Indianapolis celebrated a reunion on the eve of the two-day convention, which opens today, of what proponents call […] Read More