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When people claim the US must obey the law and deport undocumented immigrants, their argument crumbles thanks to a lawbreaking, Bible-smuggling conservative Christian. When unjust laws contradict God’s will, there’s no contest. […] Read More

A dispute in recent issues of TheNewYorkReviewofBooks provokes an old but ever-new question: Is it possible for authentic followers of Jesus the Anointed of God to be conservatives, or must they by definition be liberals? The ongoing disagreement between Professor Corey Robin of Brooklyn College and Professor Mark Lilla of Columbia University also makes it […] Read More

A recent study released by the Baptist Journal of Behavioral Science concluded that conservatism is not a choice, but rather a genetic trait. Dr. Quack is quoted as saying: “For centuries, liberals have imposed their views upon science, insisting that being a conservative was a lifestyle, a choice made by an individual. Now, beyond a […] Read More

“Torture, burning at the stake and other punishment for the faithful condemned as witches or heretics by church tribunals during the Inquisition was not as widespread as commonly believed, the Vatican said Tuesday.” This lead paragraph in an Associated Press news article published recently in newspapers around the world should serve as a wake up […] Read More