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Less than 10 percent of registered voters in the U.S. voted for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump during the primary process – and the same is true for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. By comparison, you can pick just about any random, crazy conspiracy theory and find at least 10 percent of Americans who believe […] Read More

I have a very good friend who every now and again passes on his used copies of The Tablet and The Times Literary Supplement (TLS). The first is a long established Catholic weekly full of news, reflection, critique and comment on all things Catholic and many things not. The TLS is also a weekly, and […] Read More

While the New Testament writers adopted and refined the notion of conscience in Greek popular usage, it did not feature prominently in their ethical teaching. Later Christian thinkers, however, had much to say about conscience and developed the biblical concept in fruitful ways. In “The Confessions” (A.D. 397-398), Augustine traces aspects of his early life. […] Read More

David Whitten, an Australian doctor, recalls his family holidaying at Katoomba’s Hydro Majestic Hotel in a 2005 essay titled “Tempting Fate to Save my Bacon.” When the waitress served his breakfast of fried eggs, he noticed “something next to the eggs that looked like thin, crisp meat and was the source of a wonderful aroma.” […] Read More

How should individuals react when their consciences come into conflict with the law of the land? There are some circumstances where the issue is pretty clear. We can categorically say – from a safe distance in time and space, at least – that the German churches should have resisted Nazism far more robustly than they […] Read More

Too soon we forget the terrorism of the 1950s and 1960s. The cross burnings, obscene telephone calls, character assassination and political intrigue on those who believed in and fought for human rights and dignity and stood against bigotry, hate and indifference.   I was reminded of those years when I read of the passing of […] Read More

The following editorial was published in the Feb. 4 issue of Baptist Standard. Grief and agony laced the words of a father who called last week. His children live half a world away, where they have devoted their lives to spreading the gospel. They traded security of home for solitude of the mission field. They […] Read More