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One of the most significant causes of conflict – whether between individuals or among nations – is the conviction that reality revolves around ourselves. But God’s creation does not uniquely revolve around us. […] Read More

Human trafficking has reached “horrific dimensions” in areas of conflict, a U.N. report revealed. The average number of trafficking victims per country has spiked nearly 70 percent in six years. […] Read More

Being Christ’s church is no easy task. As far back as the New Testament, churches have been dealing with weighty matters from Bible interpretation to theological wrangling so much that we should not be surprised when some churches fight and split. Scripture provides us with a blueprint for how to manage conflicts in church. The […] Read More

Lack of communication is often a leading issue in church conflicts. As a resource minister for American Baptist Churches of Indiana and Kentucky, I was occasionally called in to address church conflict. While there were many reasons for the various conflicts, communication shortcomings were usually uncovered. So many times people would tell me that there […] Read More

Ninety percent of war casualties were male soldiers around a century ago. Today, an estimated 90 percent of casualties are civilians, and 75 percent of these are women and children. In the early 1990s, I traveled with a humanitarian organization to Croatia and Bosnia as those countries were being ripped apart by war with Serbia. […] Read More

I am thankful for my four years at Bible college. I imagine that the Baptist Union of Great Britain and its constituent churches are thankful as well, since it kept me out of harm’s way for four years while they tried to knock some sense into me. Looking back, I was in my mid-20s and […] Read More

Ask any minister, “What is the worst part of your job?” and nearly all will tell you, “Conflict.” Ask any congregation member what they like least about their church experience, and most will answer the same. Conflict is everywhere people are, and it seems to be escalating. The incivility of our culture is having a […] Read More

The United Way

A sermon by Randy Hyde, Pastor, Pulaski Heights Baptist Church, Little Rock, Ar. January 26, 2014 Psalm 27:1-9; 1 Corinthians 1:10-18 As I have mentioned before, after living on the east side of the big river for more than two decades we returned home to our native state in 1993. I had accepted the call […] Read More

“If you find the perfect church, don’t join it; you will just mess it up.” It’s true. Because we are flawed human beings, we take ourselves with us wherever we go, even to church. Given this reality, there is no way to eliminate all conflict from a church as long as it has people in […] Read More

Themes show up in the oddest places sometimes. I’m thinking about three congregations in which Pinnacle Leadership Associates has done conflict management consulting – Baptist, Lutheran and Presbyterian. Conflicts in these three churches were related to different issues, but they share a common theme. As we worked to identify the problem, disciples in each church […] Read More