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Confederate Flag

Those who fly rebel flags from pick-up trucks should team up with advocates of undocumented immigrants, for they are making basically the same case. The case is skeptical of legalism, rooted in an expression of the Christian faith, committed to the traditional work ethic and dismissive of the idea that children are to blame for […] Read More

I have a pretty strong personal history of wrestling with the memory of the Confederacy. Having lived all over the South, I grew up hearing stories from relatives about the “Lost Cause” and how the Yankees took everything we had during Reconstruction. There was little mention of the role of slavery in the Confederacy. I […] Read More

Southern Baptist leaders have joined politicians and corporations who have suddenly changed course this week by publicly opposing the Confederate battle flag. The shift against the flag comes in the aftermath of a white supremacist executing nine African-Americans during a church service last week in Charleston, South Carolina. Immediately after the shooting at Emanuel African […] Read More

Georgia voters weren’t given the chance to make their voices heard two years ago when their legislators voted to change the state flag. They may get a chance, however, with Gov. Sonny Perdue now in office. Perdue, Georgia’s first Republican governor in 130 years, appealed to rural white voters while campaigning by promising such a […] Read More