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The time is long overdue for us to stop celebrating idols in memory of those who caused the pain and death of so many innocent people. Why do we insist upon glorifying those who clearly lived in contradiction to the life of Jesus? […] Read More

Teachers are often accused of thinking that education is the solution to every problem. While such thinking is reason to believe the truth of the old saying, “Every generalization is false, including this one,” there is good evidence that knowledge and understanding can help with the various problems that can afflict us. Recent attention to […] Read More

I’m from the South – Arkansas to be exact. When I was young, I never understood how the emotional and ideological divisions of the U.S. Civil War continued to cause divide. Sure, when I went off to college in Texas, my roommates ribbed me about being a Yankee from The North (of Texas). Plenty of […] Read More

After being asked by black leaders to apologize for Georgia’s role in slavery, the state Senate instead moved forward with a bill designating April as Confederate Heritage and History Month. The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Bill Mullis, R-Chickamauga, said his proposal is not a reaction to a call by the Georgia state conference of the NAACP […] Read More

Georgia voters weren’t given the chance to make their voices heard two years ago when their legislators voted to change the state flag. They may get a chance, however, with Gov. Sonny Perdue now in office. Perdue, Georgia’s first Republican governor in 130 years, appealed to rural white voters while campaigning by promising such a […] Read More

Mississippi voters ended a statewide flag referendum last week, choosing to keep the symbol of the Old South, known as the Confederate or St. Andrew’s cross, as a dominant part of the state banner. However, the debate is likely to continue with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) threatening to boycott […] Read More

While opposing political camps are making last-minute plans to influence the outcome of the Mississippi state flag referendum on April 17, the Mississippi Baptist Convention has decided not to take a formal stand in the ongoing debate. Voters will choose between the current standard, which features the controversial Confederate emblem in the upper-left corner, and […] Read More

Mississippi legislators set April 17 as the date for a referendum to choose between the 1894 state flag and a new design. If the new design is adopted, the Confederate emblem currently occupying one third of the flag will be replaced by a circular shape of 20 stars, and the 1894 flag will become a […] Read More

Jesus’ position was referenced often during a heated four-hour debate in the Georgia state Senate Jan. 30 over changing the state flag, which resulted in a diminished Confederate battle emblem. Addressing the Senate, Gov. Roy Barnes quoted a letter from former Sen. Clint Day saying “people of faith must be guided by a moral compass […] Read More

Jesus and the Georgia Flag

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following fictional story was written from the heart of the battle over the Georgia state flag. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is absolutely intentional. Nine-year-old Eric taps on the study door, cracks it open. “Uh, preacher, do you have a minute?” “Well, hello, Eric. Sure I have a minute. Come […] Read More