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An apocalypse is an unveiling, shining light on what is wrong and providing an opportunity to make the necessary changes to pursue justice for all. How can you avoid wasting these moments? […] Read More

Being the church when the world is crumbling requires providing help taking care of bodies – and hearts. The church has the responsibility to claim these concerns as our own when the world is crumbling. […] Read More

We are responsible for each other, including homeless people. Children understand we should love and care for homeless kids and families and provide them with housing, clothing, medical care and education. Do adults understand too? […] Read More

No one likes to be conned. It’s enough to make you angry when it happens to you. However, gifts, once given, are no longer ours to worry over. Gifts given in love retain the love, even if the recipient attempts to discard it. […] Read More

Many of our leaders seem to have lost the ability to cry for their people, to see human suffering and be moved to action. While both sides play politics, they are distracted from the tired, the poor, the jobless and the hungry. […] Read More

People uproot themselves for many reasons to come to the US, but it is rarely out of a simple desire to leave home. Some come here fearing for their safety. Woe to those who turn away people claiming to be fleeing for their lives. […] Read More

With Fred Rogers’ life and work receiving renewed attention with the release of a documentary in 2018 and a major film this year, his understated approach reveals ways his message is still relevant today to both kids and adults. […] Read More

America is a land of plenty, yet our nation turns away those who knock on our door seeking asylum from violence, extreme poverty and severe droughts. And many Christians shockingly ignore Jesus’ call to be hospitable to strangers. […] Read More

The traditional image of a minister as a ‘preacher’ or ‘church leader’ is engrained in many of us. Mister Rogers, an ordained Presbyterian minister, broadened that definition as he lived out his calling in a non-traditional role. […] Read More

Tears streaming down her cheeks, the student said her dad had been arrested. As a teacher, what can you do in that moment when you need to be teaching students what they need to know? Then, something astonishing happened. […] Read More