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Whether or not we choose to wear masks during a global pandemic might very well unmask our theology. Those who don’t wear them reveal a theology of individualism that ignores sacred teachings urging self-sacrifice for others. […] Read More

The uncertainty and chaos of the COVID-19 crisis is causing us alarm, but frustration and fear are also the conditions inspiring creativity, vision and transformation. Leaning into them will help us create a new way forward. […] Read More

Stephen, the first Christian martyr, was stoned to death in part because he was seen as ‘the other.’ Today, Stephens are stoned every day often for simply being ‘the other.’ We could stop the violence if we cease being bystanders. […] Read More

The world is facing a crisis in four areas: health care, economics, politics and morality. People of faith can help bring about relief, recovery and reconstruction by faithing, hoping and loving. […] Read More

COVID-19 has challenged the world not only economically, but also emotionally. As our fears are heightened and loneliness is widespread, it is important to remember that we’re not alone. […] Read More

An apocalypse is an unveiling, shining light on what is wrong and providing an opportunity to make the necessary changes to pursue justice for all. How can you avoid wasting these moments? […] Read More

Gandhi’s concept of ‘heart unity’ offers insight on constructive interfaith engagement. His inclusive approach is a model for developing personal character and social harmony. […] Read More

While social distancing is helping us respond to the COVID-19 crisis, ‘religious distancing’ causes individuals and communities of faith to respond to fear and anxiety toward the ‘religious other’ by isolating themselves from them. […] Read More

Neighboring is one of the basic tenants of the Abrahamic faiths. Each of our holy texts – Christian, Jewish and Muslim – speak of being good neighbors. Isn’t it a shame it takes a pandemic to get to know our neighbors? […] Read More

During this strange and often bleak time of global pandemic, watching religion flourish in all its beautiful array of diverse expressions has been one of the bright spots as people of faith respond with social solidarity. […] Read More