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A funny thing happened to ethics on the way to the polls. This process and discipline that seeks to translate values into responsible decisions, from personal morality to public policy – a special and delicate gift of our humanity – seems to be cut adrift from its moorings and “blown about by every wind” of […] Read More

Communicating and practicing core values and ethics is vital to the success of companies and organizations, according to a study conducted by Marlene S. Neill, an assistant professor of journalism, public relations and new media at Baylor University. Neill interviewed 32 business executives about the importance of values and ethics in employer branding – the […] Read More

When writer Rick Bragg was young and struggling to find his way in journalism, he won a prestigious fellowship to Harvard University. While there, he felt out of place. He hadn’t finished college, and he was in classes with people who were pursuing graduate degrees. He was surrounded by urbane Easterners; he saw himself, and […] Read More

The ability to communicate is a gift. We can bless others with this gift by using it to heal, to build up and not to harm. Conversely, we can use it to tear down, to harm and to destroy relationships. We all need and search for connectedness. We know how it feels to be in […] Read More

A college introductory course in sociology of religion was very mind opening for me. It helped me to see how belief systems and institutional religious practices are shaped by cultural contexts. Factors other than the movement of God’s Spirit are at work from worship times and settings to theological conclusions and religious expressions. None of […] Read More

My 7-year-old daughter is presently obsessed – like, watching every episode three times on BBC’s iPlayer obsessed – by a Children’s BBC show called “The Next Step.” I have grown somewhat used to children’s TV over the past 14 years; most of what the BBC, in particular, broadcasts is of some worth. Some of it […] Read More

Twenty years ago our congregation adopted five core values. The one which speaks to our internal relationships says, “In relationships … Family.” Our church covenant expands this core value: “As a group of gathered believers, we understand ourselves to be a part of a family of faith. Therefore, we shall love, forgive, admonish, encourage, serve […] Read More

I have been trying to evolve an ecology of speech throughout Lent, a way with words that is hospitable to life. This includes learning to talk and to be silent at the right times and places, being careful to remember the capacity of words to have an afterlife once they have fallen into the soil […] Read More

The 1990s are having a “culture resurgence,” according to a recent interview in the New York Times. A young actress named Sarah Goldberg was featured in a brief interview about a TV show she is starring in on VH1. Goldberg is a character in the series “Hindsight” set back in the long ago era of […] Read More

A tweet I sent out recently opened up an interesting discussion: “It is not enough to be the smartest person in the room. Someone normal must be able to understand you. #NoteToYoungPhDGraduates.” There were some who joked on my Facebook page about sending this tweet to Northern Seminary professors, of which I am one. Others […] Read More