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Because most churches avoid politics, we come off as irrelevant or silent about the most pressing issues. Perhaps we should take a cue from late-night talk-show hosts. A humorous monologue can open the door to serious talk. […] Read More

Preachers should use every technique possible, including humor, to develop their sermons, says pastor and comedian Susan Sparks. Her how-to book on sermon preparation is pure gold for those who wish to improve their sermons. […] Read More

‘The Neighborhood’

“The Neighborhood,” a new comedy starring Cedric the Entertainer and Max Greenfield on CBS, raises important questions about racism and race relations, community and diversity. […] Read More

(RNS) When comedian Stephen Colbert brought his act to Capitol Hill last month and stole the spotlight with his satirical shtick, no one was more surprised than lawmakers. “You run your show,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers scolded him, “we run the committee.” When Colbert finally let his well-coiffed hair down and got serious […] Read More

A Baptist Center for Ethics Christmas campaign urging Wal-Mart to be a “Golden Rule” employer earned mention in Jay Leno’s Friday “Tonight Show” monologue. “Hey, did you hear about this?” Leno asked. “A controversial new ad by an anti-Wal-Mart coalition features this pastor, this minister, asking the question, would Jesus shop at Wal-Mart?” “Shop at […] Read More