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Colorado Shooting

One would have expected an outpouring of moral commentary from faith leaders across America after the killings and woundings in a movie theater in Aurora, Colo. Commentary that would have said, “Enough is enough. We’re finally going to take on the gun industry, the gun lobby.” And one would have been wrong. Faith leaders did […] Read More

Excitement and anticipation turned to terror and chaos July 20 in Aurora, Colo., when a gunman entered a packed movie theater and opened fire. He killed 12, wounded 58 and traumatized countless others by the time police arrested him.  What are the implications for congregations of this latest outbreak of violence?  First, it invites sober […] Read More

Colorado, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Iraq – just a few of the places mentioned by Shane Claiborne as having been tagged with recent violence. Claiborne – activist, author and founder of The Simple Way community – spoke recently to about violence. Claiborne’s interview, conducted via Skype a few days after the Aurora, Colo., shooting, is now […] Read More

What shall we make of those who beseech the divine, but evade their own earthly responsibility? Faith without works is dead. So reads The Letter of James, a New Testament book that challenges the idea that authentic faith is only a matter of mental assent to a set of theological utterances (James 2:17). But James […] Read More