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Is Christianity culturally relative? The most frightening part, if that is true, is the unintentional license it gives to US Christians to develop ‘our own version of Christianity’ based on our deep-seated American exceptionalism. […] Read More

While Christian missionaries have made positive contributions to human flourishing among indigenous people, colonialism is a hard habit to break. Going forward, let’s build reciprocal friendships across cultures in humility. […] Read More

Colonialism generally brought misery and destruction to human beings made in God’s image. Many mission agencies made grave errors aligning with the project of empire. The Western Christian world collectively must repent. […] Read More

Canadian Baptists have sought to faithfully walk alongside and accompany “the other” wherever we’ve been called to serve. As a result, we issued a formal apology in 2016 to our First Nations brothers and sisters. […] Read More

Christopher Columbus’ undeniable connection to the oppression of indigenous peoples and the beginnings of the transatlantic slave trade have led many to observe Indigenous Peoples’ Day. […] Read More

There have been missionaries to “foreign” places and ethnic groups from the time of the Apostle Paul to the present. The modern Protestant missionary movement, however, began with Englishman William Carey in 1792. Building upon Carey’s groundbreaking ideas and actions, extensive time, effort and resources have been expended on global missionary activities during the 225 […] Read More

One of my deepest grievances is the witness of the church in North America as a new, transformed and reconciled community. I understand that the colonialized practice of Christianity did much to disturb a proper foundation for fellowship between believers of different cultures, namely African and Europeans during American slavery. Since then, rebellions and wars […] Read More

Helen Zille, the former leader of South Africa’s main opposition party and the current premier of the Western Cape, recently tweeted, “For those claiming legacy of colonialism was ONLY negative, think of our independent judiciary, transport infrastructure, piped water.” In another post, she included “specialised healthcare and medication” as one of the benefits brought by […] Read More

An unpublished manuscript documents the clash of beliefs between a British colonial officer and an American Baptist missionary, a clash of worldviews that would contribute to the religiously related violence in Nigeria. Two men had sharply contrasting views of Africans. One had been a captain in the British army. He was an agnostic, shaped by […] Read More

We were invited to remember World Refugee Day, Father’s Day and International Yoga Day two weekends ago. No need to guess which was the most popular. Crass commercialism rules. And the greatest tragedy for me is the way it has engulfed so many affluent churches, reinforcing their inward focus and tendency to being mere pawns […] Read More