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Society is addicted to cheap and disposable fashion. In Christian circles, fashion isn’t a popular topic. Many churches sweep fashion aside as materialistic fluff and don’t see how fashion can be a delivery method for justice work. […] Read More

Factory workers ultimately pay the price for clothing brands seeking cheap and fast manufacturing, a report says. To satisfy consumers wanting cheap clothing, many brands undermine efforts to create safe working conditions. […] Read More

Who are you wearing? Or, perhaps a better question: Are you wearing ethical clothing? Baptist World Aid Australia is urging consumers to check their fashion brands to ensure their clothes are ethical. […] Read More

There are costs for the goods we consume beyond what we pay at checkout. The hidden costs not reflected in the price tag on clothing items we purchase – including working conditions, wages, treatment of workers and environmental impacts – are explored in the fifth edition of Baptist World Aid Australia’s (BWAA) annual ethical fashion […] Read More

What is the cost of clothing? Not simply, what is the price paid at the register, but what is the human cost to produce them? What is “the story behind the barcode”? These questions are at the heart of a newly released Ethics Fashion Guide, now in its fourth year of publication, produced by Baptist […] Read More

Fashion companies have improved oversight of fabric producers but remain largely ignorant of raw materials sources and labor conditions, according to a Baptist World Aid Australia investigation of 87 companies and 308 brands. “In 2013, 41 percent of companies had engaged in some effort to know their input suppliers (e.g., where their fabric is produced), […] Read More

It’s 8 a.m. on a densely crowded Bangladesh street. Thousands of workers are refusing to enter their place of work, an eight-story factory housing five textile businesses. Alarming cracks have appeared in the walls, and people fear for their safety. The owner, ignoring the fears of the workers, hires men with sticks to beat the […] Read More

This story has been revised after being notified that the Kmart and Target companies referenced in the report are Australian companies no longer affiliated with the U.S. companies. Baptist World Aid Australia released a report this month grading fashion companies based on their ethical practices. Although the report, called The Ethical Fashion Guide, evaluates fashion […] Read More

There is nothing like turning 30 to make you take a long, hard look at your life. For me, and many women, that includes taking a long, hard look at my body. Things have changed. They will continue to change. After having a child, I’m convinced that some things will never be the same again. […] Read More

Folks can now advertise their commitment to abstinence thanks to a clothing line that’s getting more attention. Los Angeles-based Wait Wear sells t-shirts and, most interestingly, underwear with various messages promoting abstinence until marriage. One set of briefs reads “No Vows No Sex,” while a bikini brief has “Traffic Control: Wait for Marriage” emblazoned on […] Read More