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Clean Water

Deterioration of water quality is an ‘invisible crisis’ that must be addressed, a report says. Polluted water negatively impacts both poor and wealthy nations, tending to increase in more prosperous nations. […] Read More

The EPA formally proposed a rule to roll back protections to our nation’s waters under the Clean Water Act, a federal law that fends off unpermitted pollution in waterways. Clean water cannot be taken for granted. […] Read More

Expanding access to clean water, along with proper sanitation and hygiene systems, is essential to ending global poverty, but often there is a gap between policy and implementation. This was a central emphasis in a new World Bank report based on studies of conditions in 18 nations, including Bangladesh, Guatemala, Nigeria and the West Bank. […] Read More

More than 2 billion people do not have easy access to clean water and more than 4 billion lack proper sanitation, according to a joint World Health Organization and U.N. Children’s Fund report. Only 71 percent of the global population has safely managed drinking water available, which means 2.1 billion people still do not. Safely […] Read More

An estimated 600 million children (one in four) will struggle to access potable water by 2040 if current trends continue. That’s the conclusion of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) recent report, “Thirsting for a Future.” Thirty-six nations currently struggle with sufficient access to clean water due to conflicts, droughts, floods and changes […] Read More

Everyone should have access to clean water wherever they live in the world. It’s a basic need that we require to survive and thrive. But millions of people don’t have that access and that is a challenge to the church: Should we respond to this huge need for clean water or see it as not […] Read More

Early in the morning, a mom and her teenage daughter set out for the nearest water source in which those in her village have access. It is going to be a long, five-mile walk, but it’s necessary in order for her family to receive clean water. Her daughter helps her with this task instead of […] Read More

It is about relationships. More than 30 years ago, I had the opportunity to visit India and establish lifelong relationships with Baptists in Kerala. It is about the mystery of God. I had two opportunities to “travel to the hard places” with Pat Anderson through a Lilly grant offered to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF). […] Read More

Women and children can be seen pumping water 24 hours a day from a lone well in upper Ghana. The silhouettes of these women quietly walking through the village during the night can be seen regularly. Three villages depend on this 20-year-old well with a heavily used hand pump. The neighboring villages have only broken […] Read More

The United Nations General Assembly established March 22 as World Water Day in 1933 to promote the wise stewardship of this most precious natural resource. The theme for 2017 is wastewater, but, with a twist, we can make the theme even more meaningful by urging everyone not to waste water or the opportunity to use […] Read More