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Civil Disobedience

Betty Jane Crandall is an unlikely lawbreaker. The 80-year-old retired elementary school teacher and preschool Sunday school teacher was handcuffed for committing an act of civil disobedience to call attention to the climate crisis. […] Read More

In our current political era, the immigration debate has become maddeningly difficult. Immigration hardliners oversimplify the issue, but following God’s will and practicing The Golden Rule take precedence over flawed laws. […] Read More

Why do men like President Assad of Syria prefer to rule over rubble than surrender power? Arrogance in politics is compounded of ignorance, willful blindness and fantasies of invincibility. And when entire societies prostrate themselves before such arrogant rulers, what comes to mind are the controversial Freudian notion of a collective “death-wish” and the biblical […] Read More

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is no Martin Luther King, Jr. Efforts to portray the religious right’s agenda on the Ten Commandments as a kin to the civil rights movement cheapens King’s legacy and veils a conservative Christian agenda. Neither the common geography of Montgomery nor the talk about civil disobedience can meaningfully tie the […] Read More