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Baptist leaders offered a variety of responses to the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee’s long-awaited report on the U.S. use of torture during the George W. Bush administration. While the full 6,000-page report is classified, a 525-page summary was released on Tuesday. The report found that CIA leaders misled the public, used torture more frequently than […] Read More

WASHINGTON (RNS) Twenty religious organizations are calling for Congress and President Obama to ensure a fair and thorough investigation into allegations of forced human experimentation by the CIA on detainees after 9/11. In June, the group Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) released Experiments in Torture which detailed health professionals’ involvement in CIA interrogation programs. The […] Read More

An unnamed source told me of an experience on a golf course. This came to my attention when my trustworthy confidential source returned from San Antonio with the tale. My unnamed informant’s report went something like this: Last Saturday a man was playing golf at the Willow Springs Golf Course in the Alamo City. While […] Read More

When did President Bush learn that Karl Rove, his senior adviser, leaked intelligence information to at least one reporter about the identity of a CIA agent in July 2003? Did Bush ask Rove two years ago, when Rove’s name first surfaced with the leak, if he had disclosed confidential information only available to those with […] Read More

While taking responsibility for allowing bad intelligence to creep into President Bush’s State of the Union address, CIA Director George Tenet said Wednesday that a White House official insisted the unconfirmed claim about Iraq’s nuclear intentions be included in the speech, according to a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Sen. Dick Durbin, D.-Ill., said […] Read More