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Church Trends

How do we live with uncertainty, doubt, ambiguity, fear and anxiety? Some folks withdraw; others attack those with different stances. Others, however, are able to live with the questions, actively exploring and engaging with them. […] Read More

The life and work of Molly T. Marshall, an influential Christian leader who will retire as president of Central Seminary in 2020, will be the subject of a multi-episode documentary podcast produced by […] Read More

Nine out of 10 Protestant churches in the US continue to hold Wednesday night activities, a LifeWay report said, with small group Bible studies coming out on top as the most common midweek activity. […] Read More

The ministry can be lonely. It can become even lonelier when ministers battle emotional and mental illnesses, such as depression. During those times, ministers cannot afford to cut themselves off from those who can help them. […] Read More

Many pastors lack the training and skills needed to counsel and advocate for victims. It’s why too many pastors tell wives to stay with abusive husbands, continue in leadership when they abuse others and shame women from the pulpit. […] Read More

Churches or ministers can head down a path of destruction that requires stepping in with an intervention. If you think your church or minister is in trouble, proactively and humbly raise the possibility of seeking professional care. […] Read More

Many bivocational ministers want theological education but can’t see how to pursue it with the time they must also devote to their ministries, careers and families. Today, they have more options to earn a degree on their schedule. […] Read More

Theological education is as much about relationships as it is about imparting knowledge. Online learning would seem counterintuitive. However, the internet offers 4 advantages to the hyperpersonal world of theological education. […] Read More

How do seminaries help form ministers in both the black and white church traditions in ways that serve the purpose of God and bring healing and community? Here’s how Baptist Seminary of Kentucky is answering that question. […] Read More

Most seminary students come from the top 10% of churches in terms of congregation size, but most clergy positions are in the remaining 90% of smaller churches. The challenge for seminaries is how to serve those congregations. […] Read More