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Church Trends

Unable to find common ground on LGBTQ ordination and the church’s response to same-sex marriage, the United Methodist Church is expected to split. The split might be revealing a larger division emerging within Christianity. […] Read More

Fewer U.S. adults identify as Christian while those who claim no religious affiliation are increasing. It’s time for churches to learn to swim in the reality of today’s religious currents. Here are 4 ways to stay afloat. […] Read More

God cares about the lost being found, the disconsolate comforted, the suffering helped, the poor lifted up. As Jesus’ story of the rich man and Lazarus teaches us, you cannot love people from a distance. It involves relationships. […] Read More

Your church had a major fallout with your last pastor. You’re ready to bring on a new pastor whom you’re sure will solve all of your problems. Before you call that vitalized pastor, here’s one word of advice: DON’T. Here’s why. […] Read More

Does honesty have a place in the pulpit? Preachers shouldn’t be the center of the story. Personal anecdotes can illustrate a point, but they’re not the destination of the sermon. No one comes to church to hear about the preacher. […] Read More

Fewer U.S. Protestant pastors affirm that the U.S. economy is having a positive impact on their congregations in 2019, a LifeWay report said. Positive responses dropped from 45% in 2018 to 30% this year. […] Read More

Two families, the Rockefellers and the Pews, built their dynasties viewing oil as a liquid blessing of God and marker of ‘celestial hope’ for the US, the world and God’s kingdom. Their descendants have mostly repudiated that view. […] Read More

Christians who appreciate short sermons would find a welcome home in Roman Catholic congregations in the U.S., a report found. The median sermon length by Catholic clergy was 14 minutes. […] Read More

Some Christians see baptism as ‘just something you do,’ a ritual. Others delay the decision until they’re ready to take the plunge. A new resource will help churches put the decision to be baptized in proper perspective. […] Read More

As churches debate same-sex relationships, a conversation on the topic can’t take place without a wider discussion on sex, marriage and family as understood through the lens of the church’s theological tradition. […] Read More