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Church Trends

As religious and civic leaders, we need to help our local hospitals and health care professionals care for the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. What you do may seem small to you, but it will be significant. […] Read More

Chalk it up to putting social distancing into practice. First Baptist of Gainesville, Georgia, called a pastor and hardly anyone attended. Instead, the pastor preached to empty rows of pews as members listened online or on the radio. […] Read More

The job of effective church leaders is to help keep down the level of anxiety in the emotional system of the congregation. Effective leaders help people manage their level of anxiety so they can accomplish their goals. […] Read More

Many Baptists are wary of liturgical worship. While we were not made for ritual, we were made to follow Christ. The rituals remind us of who we are, where we came from and where we’re headed. The traditions give us direction. […] Read More

The COVID-19 virus has been forcing churches to adapt their regular routines. For one Virginia Baptist church, the solution to meeting as a congregation was as close as their parking lot. Set up a drive-in church on Sunday. […] Read More

The church, across the ages, has often been at its best in the face of its most challenging moments. The COVID-19 virus will be no different. In our darkest moments, the lights of faith, hope and love shine brightest. […] Read More

With the COVID-19 virus spreading a global crisis, congregations face a future radically different from what they imagined at the dawn of 2020. This dual crisis of health and finances could hit churches hard where they are weakest. […] Read More

As long as people gather and interact, emotional processes are at work. Some interactions can be inherently anxious, which will keep churches from moving forward and distract them from accomplishing their mission and purpose. […] Read More

Some folks believe the church needs to be run more like a business. It’s a comfortable and familiar role, but is it really what the church needs? Maybe churches don’t need a CEO; maybe they need a wise fool to lead them. […] Read More

Christianism, or politicized Christianity, expresses a troubling aspect of US religious and political life. And the move toward ‘Christian nationalism’ is one of the main ways Christianism has been apparent in recent years. […] Read More