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Church Polity

Baptist leaders claim they have no authority over autonomous churches to police clergy who sexually abuse children. When they hide behind the false wall of local church autonomy, they protect the predators. […] Read More

Baptists are a covenantal people, but it is essential to realize that this covenant is not a legal contract. The “way” in which covenant partners walk can only be one of mutual trust. This is where Baptists have given an insight to the universal church, which is a true gift. In the local congregation, covenanted […] Read More

More than 400 years ago, a company of Christian believers met in a village in Lincolnshire and made a covenant together. They were facing persecution, imprisonment and even the prospect of death because they wanted to worship God freely in the way they believed God was calling them to do. One of their number, looking […] Read More

Are Baptists a peaceable people? Do we live together in the reconciled love of Christ? Is our gospel of grace demonstrated in our common life? Well … sometimes. There are many congregations that are laboratories of love, schools of grace. But it has to be admitted that Baptists find agreeing and disagreeing in love particularly […] Read More