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Church of England

Church growth is back on the agenda – not the 1970s variety from the U.S., but rather the new style espoused by the Church of England. I had the joy of reading recently “What Makes Churches Grow? Vision and Practice in Effective Mission” by Bob Jackson, director of the Church Growth Centre attached to St […] Read More

When Christians talk to others about Jesus, it is more likely to turn them off than attract them. This conclusion, highlighted by The Guardian, was one finding in “Talking Jesus,” a Church of England report published last week. So how can Christians share their faith in ways that are relevant and do not make people […] Read More

Another avalanche of media coverage emerged recently about a row between the Church of England and the United Kingdom government. This time it relates to the refugee crisis. The bishops have accused the government of dragging its feet and not responding adequately to their offers to help mobilize the churches. Stephen Cotterill, bishop of Chelmsford, […] Read More

“Wages of Sin” read the headline of a report that the Church of England does not pay all of its employees a living wage. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby called it an embarrassing reality and noted that Canterbury “was moving very, very aggressively towards paying the living wage as soon as it can.” This revelation […] Read More

The bishop of Oxford, John Pritchard, went with Church of England minister Keith Hebden to deliver a letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron’s constituency office in Witney, about 70 miles northwest of London. The letter, signed by 46 bishops and more than 600 church leaders, called the British government to take urgent action about […] Read More

The General Synod, the governing body of the Church of England, failed to secure the necessary majority in the House of Laity to move to the possibility of appointing women to the episcopate. The recent upset has set off a round of newspaper articles, Facebook, Twitter and blog site discussion on the attitude of the […] Read More

The Church of England is continuing to struggle in the backwash after a recent attempt to approve women bishops was sunk when it narrowly failed to win approval from the General Synod’s laity arm after the bishops, clergy and 42 of 44 dioceses had shown strong support for it. The decision has political ramifications, because […] Read More

Baptists in Great Britain have welcomed the appointment of Rev. Justin Welby as the next Archbishop of Canterbury, citing his wisdom, mediation skills and commitment to mission. In a widely expected development, the current bishop of Durham was confirmed as the successor to Rev. Rowan Williams on the morning of Nov. 9. He will become […] Read More

LONDON (RNS) New laws that allow same-sex civil unions to be performed on religious premises took effect in England and Wales on Monday (Dec. 5), but the Church of England says it won’t permit them without approval from its top body. Civil partnerships have been legal since 2005, but until Monday the ceremonies had to […] Read More

The resignation of Graeme Knowles as the dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral caps – if it does not yet complete – a remarkably tumultuous period in the cathedral’s history. It is really too soon to pronounce on exactly what has gone wrong and right, and who are the heroes and villains of this saga. But […] Read More