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Church Discipline

When addressing sexual assault in Southern Baptist churches, victims don’t have a safe place to speak; leaders abuse their power and remain unaccountable. Perhaps Anabaptists can teach us the right way to respond. […] Read More

Southern Seminary President Al Mohler has been cozying up to politicians for so long that he is now confusing church discipline with political-party discipline. In an article entitled “Should a church discipline members over politics?” Mohler says: “The right form of the church requires a common commitment to certain shared convictions. These commitments are irreducibly […] Read More

Hippolytus was a leader in the early Christian church who lived from 160 to 235 C.E. He wrote “The Apostolic Tradition” which is best described as a “church manual” that includes information about the role of bishops, presbyters, deacons, sub-deacons, widows and readers. It also includes some humorous (by today’s standards) instruction about which occupations […] Read More