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Chuck Warnock

Before social media, a “snail mail” letter to the editor of your local newspaper was about the only way to make your voice heard. Now Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, WordPress and Google+ make it easy for anyone to shout out their opinion on any topic at any time. In fact, social media might make it […] Read More

I recently added a new subtitle to my blog: “Churches Building Peace Communities By Practicing Reconciliation.” While adjusting my blog’s title might seem irrelevant to anyone but me, by “unpacking” this phrase one element at a time, I believe its relevance to churches and church leaders will become clear. Let’s start with the word “churches.” While […] Read More

First it was vampires; now it is zombies. Our appetite for the bizarre and scary seems to know no end. Of course, film-wise, it all started in 1968 when George Romero directed the cult classic, “Night of the Living Dead.” Even the Library of Congress has recognized that film as a giant in its genre […] Read More

The challenge for Christians is to continue to follow Christ long after our initial profession of faith in him. Doing so must be hard because thousands of books have been written about how to faithfully follow Jesus as a disciple. The apostle Paul helps us discern how we follow Christ in his letter to the […] Read More

Various metaphors have been used to describe the role of God’s chosen leaders. Some have lodged permanently in our collective consciousness while others have not passed the test of time. Perhaps the oldest metaphor used to describe the pastoral leader is that of shepherd. The second metaphor used in the New Testament for church leaders is […] Read More

Recently, I preached on the story of the prophet Elijah and his protégé, Elisha, from 2 Kings 2:8-14. Elijah knew he was nearing the end of his life and asked Elisha what he could do for him before he departed. Elisha replied that he wanted a “double portion” of Elijah’s spirit. Of course, this is […] Read More

By now, the story that Paula Deen casually admitted she had used racial epithets is old news. Further revelations that she also considered a “plantation-themed” wedding complete with white-jacketed African American men as waiters contributed to the narrative of Deen as racially insensitive at best, and racist at worst. The admission by Deen that she […] Read More

With an almost three-week hospital stay behind me, I realized there were several things I learned from the experience. Here are five of them: 1. People who are in the hospital are really sick You might think that would be obvious, but when I say sick, I mean really sick. With today’s cost-driven medical care, […] Read More

A few days ago I had the opportunity to participate in a leadership conference with Greg Jones, former dean of Duke Divinity School, and John Upton, president of the Baptist World Alliance and the Virginia Baptist Mission Board. Upton listed 15 characteristics of innovative church leaders, which he has observed in his global contact with […] Read More

Rush Limbaugh continues to hemorrhagesponsors and at least two radio stations as the controversy over his personal attack on Sandra Fluke continues. Whether you like Limbaugh or not — and frankly I don’t – this is an interesting case study in offense and apology. When Limbaugh’s apology is measured by the benchmarks of moral apology, […] Read More