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Chuck Summers

My church observed Earth Stewardship Sunday recently by singing hymns and offering prayers that honored God as Creator. We were even reminded during communion that the bread and wine are gifts of the earth provided by the one who made it. For my sermon, I chose to focus on the words of the hymn, “This […] Read More

My recent heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery have reminded me about the importance of caring for all of creation, including our bodies. Even with the limited exposure that I’ve had to the outdoors in recent weeks, it is apparent that spring is currently making its presence known. Jonquils are in bloom, redbuds are starting […] Read More

Two of my favorite local natural areas to take photographs have been great locations for bird photography the past two winters. I visited both a few days ago. One area is a wildlife management area and there I found thousands of snow and speckled geese. It was good to see the large number of birds […] Read More

I’ve been thinking about peace throughout Advent – unfortunately, centering on its absence rather than its presence. I sense a lack of peace in our world, in our country, in churches and, yes, even in my own life. In the midst of my feeling of “peacelessness,” the song, “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day,” […] Read More

Nature is rather predictable for the most part. It has its rhythms and patterns, and they remain more or less consistent. The tides ebb and flow, the moon goes through its cycle of phases, the sun rises and sets at its appointed times, and the seasons change pretty much on schedule. There are, of course, […] Read More

Tuesday, Sept. 1, was a special day. By declaration of Pope Francis, it was the first World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. For several weeks, the current pope has been making news with his strong affirmation that we have a divine obligation to care for God’s good earth. In an effort to […] Read More

We have been reminded in recent days on a far-too-frequent basis that racism continues to be an ugly scar upon the soul of America. Most of the media attention has focused on acts of violence afflicted upon African-American and Hispanic individuals. This violence is totally unacceptable and somehow, someway, we have got to find a […] Read More

I spent some time photographing at Great Basin National Park in Nevada with a friend last year. As we got to the end of our time there, my friend asked if I would mind if we stopped at the Pando forest in Utah on the way back. I had never heard of it, so he […] Read More

Many important stories have made national headlines in recent weeks, but one story about a sixth mass extinction was likely overlooked. A USA Today article provides horrifying statistics from a recent report concerning the extinction of species. The study, which first appeared recently in Science Advances, claims, “Our global society has started to destroy species […] Read More

Joan Chittister’s “The Monastery of the Heart” provides much wisdom about our need to care for and preserve creation. Her reflections in a chapter called “Co-Creation” are particularly insightful and needed in a world that too often sees creation as a resource to be exploited rather than preserved and cultivated. “We know now in new […] Read More