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More than 1.5 million Syrian refugees have fled to Lebanon since 2011. However, people like Imam Imad Enchassi – and the nun who taught him as a boy – have left bright candles for all to follow. […] Read More

Growing up in Beirut, Imad Enchassi’s world was disrupted in 1982 when right-wing Christian militants slaughtered up to 3,000 people in two days. However, he would not give in to vengeance. […] Read More

Razor wire is now stretched along a 110-mile Hungarian border. The razor wire protects the Christian culture of Hungary from the Muslims, according to Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Jesus is the Christ from whom the word “Christian” is derived. I doubt that Jesus himself would applaud Orban’s use of the word “Christian” to defend his […] Read More

I have been “evangelized” both by well-meaning Muslims doing “da’wah” (Arabic for “issuing a summons” or “making an invitation”) and Christians who made assumptions about my relationship with Jesus. One Muslim wanted to “share his testimony” with me. I could not wait for that conversation to end. It did not feel so good to have […] Read More

Maher Hathout compared Islam to a diamond when addressing a question about the reform and renewal in Islam. During the Muslim Public Affairs Council’s 2014 general convention, he confessed that this diamond had gathered much dust over the centuries and that it needed to be cleaned up in order to convey its true beauty and […] Read More

My next-door neighbor is a devout Muslim, and he is the best neighbor that it is possible to have.  He recently replaced the fence between our gardens. Not only did he refuse to accept any contribution from us for the cost of the new fence, but while we were away, he came round and coated […] Read More

Martin Accad, director of the Institute of Middle East Studies (IMES) at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary near Beirut, Lebanon, talks about IMES’ most recent consultation, or conference, in a new Skype interview with Skype Interview: Martin Accad from EthicsDaily on Vimeo. The Middle East Consultation, a week-long event hosted yearly by IMES and ABTS, […] Read More

“Jesus is full of grace and truth, but Christians weren’t very full of grace and truth in their relationship with Muslims.” That was the observation by Rick Love, author of a new book on Christian-Muslim relationships, as he reflected a number of years ago with other evangelical leaders on the state of relations between these […] Read More

Narratives – stories – shape how we see the world. Some narratives are informative and helpful; others are misleading and harmful. For example, the Bush administration advanced the narrative that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that it supported the 9/11 terrorists. That narrative was used to justify the United States going to war […] Read More

Nigerian Muslims and Christians were killing one another about the same time that Baptists discussed a resolution on the Nigerian crisis at the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) meeting in Santiago, Chile. According to the Christian Science Monitor, gunmen killed two elected officials last Saturday who were attending a funeral of Christians killed in an earlier […] Read More