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Christian Right

What, if any, relationship exists between the Christian Right’s public conflicts over policies and the growth of “nones” (people claiming no religious affiliation) in the U.S.? That question was the focus of research conducted by Paul A. Djupe, Denison University; Jacob R. Neiheisel, University at Buffalo; and Kimberly H. Conger, University of Cincinnati. Their research […] Read More

The Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), alongside Gallup and Pew and other polling agencies, scored big this month. Right in the midst of the treated-as-cosmic discussion of “same-sex” marriage, a not-unnoticed media fest – PRRI released a poll on Jewish values in the United States. Many of the findings were unsurprising to those who regularly […] Read More

When I read on a few days ago that the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina had “defunded” the Baptist Center for Ethics, I was reminded once again of how little Southern Baptists really understand ethics. When a Southern Baptist pastor like Wiley Drake in California openly called for God to bring about President […] Read More

Before reading the latest moral declaration from the Christian Right about their troubled souls and moral priorities, I e-mailed early last Friday morning a reporter about the statement. I wrote that if these leaders’ “hierarchy of issues” were abortion, homosexuality and religious freedom, then they “are neither reading from the Bible, nor listening to Jesus.” […] Read More

Demonization of American Muslims is under way among conservative American Christians who think wrongly that President Obama is showing his true colors as a Muslim and Muslims shouldn’t be in the military.   But this is not the first time that anxiety within right-wing Christianity has objected to government service based on faith. Stopping the […] Read More

Americans of faith and those unaffiliated with a faith group agree that fixing the economy should be the government’s first priority, according to a Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life analysis.   A Pew survey found that 83 percent of white evangelical Protestants ranked strengthening the economy as their top priority, compared to 88 […] Read More

“What is the rightful role of faith in politics?” The new Baptist Center for Ethics’ DVD, “Golden Rule Politics,” offers a threefold answer. These answers equip people of faith with a better framework for engagement in politics, one that moves beyond false choices that create division and bypass justice. First, the rightful role of faith […] Read More

What is the rightful role of faith in politics? That perplexing question is at the heart of a new DVD that Baptist Center for Ethics will preview on June 29 at this year’s annual gathering of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in Washington, D.C. The preview is scheduled from 10:30 a.m. to 11:40 a.m. in room […] Read More

Former Republican Senator John Danforth rejected the idea of a Christian political agenda in his new book. The proposition is advocated by the Christian Right. “Christianity does not give us an agenda for American politics,” Danforth wrote in Faith and Politics. “It does not provide policy positions that we can identify with certainty as being […] Read More

Former Republican Senator John Danforth has done what very few Republican Party leaders are willing to do–take on the Christian Right and criticize their own party for allowing itself to be taken over by the Christian Right. In a new book, Faith and Politics, Danforth recalls that when he joined the Senate in 1977 the […] Read More