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Christian Realism

A fervent desire for social justice exists today among many Christians, but realism about the extent to which change can happen is often lacking. To address this issue two things are required. First, an inspiring call to advance the common good that is rooted in the teachings of Jesus. Second, a realistic understanding of human […] Read More

What are the results of President Bush’s surge of more American troops into Iraq, beginning Feb. 1, 2007? Here’s a snapshot of a few of the news reports from Monday and Tuesday: 9 U.S. soldiers were killed and 20 were wounded in a suicide bombing at a military base in a province north of Baghdad. […] Read More

In 2004, Christian activists and theologians in the United States issued a statement on confessing Christ in the context of debates over the Iraq war. The following statement draws heavily upon that confession in challenging the church in Australia to consider what it means to confess Christ in the light of current political events: Our […] Read More