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Christian Ethics

How can Christians be an influence in a post-Christian society? We can build bridges with secular and pagan people by proposing ethical principles that, while not specifically Christian, are compatible with Christianity. […] Read More

The religious right has morphed into a full-service political action committee, championing nuclear weapons, tax breaks for the rich and rigid immigration policies “in the name of Jesus.” Seriously? […] Read More

A shortage of human organs and tissues for transplants encourages unethical practices, said Rod Benson, director of the Center for Christian Ethics at Morling College in Sydney, Australia. “The serious shortfall in supply of organs suitable for transplant increases the impetus for accepting organs from living donors (e.g. one kidney), increases pressure to allow commercial […] Read More

The Sermon on the Mount is regarded by most Christians as the heart of Jesus’ teaching. Unfortunately, what Jesus has to say there has not been overwhelmingly embraced by much of the Christian community in America. Perhaps it is time to update the sermon so that it is more in line with American culture. Maybe […] Read More

Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once defined ethics as “knowing the difference between what you have the right to do and what is the right thing to do.” Ethics is about knowing, about discernment. Ethics is about thinking carefully and seeing clearly. Ethics is also about doing the right thing, about action. On the environmental […] Read More

In 10 days’ time, on March 24, NSW residents will go to the polls for a State election. Indeed this is the year for elections with all three levels of government being voted upon. Not that readers need to be reminded of this fact. If you are like me, your mailbox, e-mail box and even […] Read More

Jesus said that everything normative, all of Christian ethics, hangs on just two rules: Love God, and love your neighbor (Matthew 22:37-40). St. John wrote, in plain and simple Greek, that we can not fulfill the first without having done the second. One who does not love the brother/sister/neighbor does not love God (1 John […] Read More

We’re in a celebratory mood today for two good reasons: The Centre for Christian Ethics has turned two, and the so-called Breen Bill has been defeated. Yesterday [March 1] marked the second anniversary of the establishment of the Centre for Christian Ethics as a research and resource facility serving the Australian church and the nation. […] Read More

Pastoral Ethics in Crisis Times

Some of us see ourselves as “good in a crisis.” Some of us don’t. For pastors, though, the real question is not, “How do you see yourself?” but rather, “How do your people experience you as a crisis leader?” Some of us see ourselves as “good in a crisis.” Some of us don’t. For pastors, […] Read More

The Society of Christian Ethics and The Society of Jewish Ethics held their annual meetings concurrently in Phoenix earlier this January. Both societies are academic in nature and in membership, comprised of professors and scholars from North America and other countries. As an ethics professor, I attended the meeting with eagerness, looking forward to engaging […] Read More