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Christian Aid

Extreme weather events related to human-caused climate change killed thousands, displaced millions and caused billions in damage in 2018, a Christian Aid report says. […] Read More

Faith leaders are vital to respond effectively to the crises in West African nations resulting from the Ebola virus. Three nations – Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia – were at the center of the epidemic, which originated in a rural village in Guinea in late December 2013 but was not identified as Ebola until March […] Read More

Since Baptist missionaries arrived in Myanmar nearly 200 years ago, there’s been a minority Christian population among the Karen people. In the aftermath of a devastating civil war, Karen Baptist churches have a mission to save lives in some of the country’s poorest communities. The Karen people, the second largest ethnic group in Myanmar, have […] Read More

Baptists in Burundi have expressed grave concern as to the state of unrest in the East African country. The unrest began in late April after Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza announced he would run for a third term in elections originally scheduled for June 26. The announcement sparked protests by those opposed to Nkurunziza seeking a […] Read More

There is a need for urgent global action to avert global warning. That’s the view of a number of international development charities following the publication of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report. The IPCC report says scientists are now 95 percent certain that human activity is driving climate change, up from 90 percent […] Read More

Civilians in Gaza see no hope of a brighter future – and that’s one of the most distressing aspects of the situation in the Middle East.   So says Hanan Elmasu, Christian Aid’s emergency advocacy officer for the region who worked on a briefing detailing the impact of Israel’s measures to ease the blockade of […] Read More

A hard-hitting report on the effects of climate change from Christian Aid warns that poor people will continue to suffer disproportionately from its effects, and that progress on development could be nullified or even reversed unless action is taken. The Climate of Poverty: Facts, Fears and Hope, published May 6, says that as many as […] Read More