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Christa Brown

Christa Brown, author of “This Little Light: Beyond a Baptist Preacher Predator and his Gang,” has spent years doing volunteer advocacy work on behalf of Baptist clergy sex abuse survivors. […] Read More

For decades, Southern Baptist and other evangelical clergy have sexually abused women and children, and all the while, other religious leaders have turned a blind eye. Here’s how that status quo can come to an end. […] Read More

Sexual assault survivors don’t speak up sooner because reporting is often as traumatic as the assault. Survivors know this, and others’ responses seldom prove them wrong. Here’s my story. […] Read More

After 12 years of urging Southern Baptists to protect kids from clergy sex abuse, little has changed institutionally. What has changed is more survivors, advocates and bloggers are finding their voices. […] Read More

In Atlanta, law enforcement authorities are investigating a controversial mortgage scheme that allegedly preyed on financially troubled homeowners. Two Baptist mega-church pastors are linked to the scheme. As reported by CBS Atlanta News, a company called Matrix Capital promised to lower people’s mortgages if they paid a $1,500 upfront fee. Police say “thousands of homeowners […] Read More

As an 18-year-old college freshman, Tyler Clementi threw himself off a bridge after what has been widely described as an incident of anti-gay bullying. Other students had surreptitiously filmed Tyler while he was having an encounter with another male in his dorm room, and they streamed it over the internet. Tyler’s death rests in company […] Read More

When I first learned that the Islamic center in lower Manhattan would be called Cordoba House, I saw only the beauty in it. The symbolism of the name seemed obvious. Cordoba was a city in which Muslims, Jews and Christians lived peaceably side by side in the ninth, 10th and 11th centuries. Under Muslim rule, […] Read More

Clergy abuse survivors have been asking Southern Baptists for several years to implement denominational safeguards against clergy child molesters. Southern Baptists have refused. The requests are nothing radical. We asked for the sorts of safeguards that already exist in other major faith groups. We asked that the denomination provide a safe place for the reporting […] Read More

The Oregon legislature passed a law on May 7 prohibiting school administrators from making deals that hide the sexual misconduct of teachers who resign.   These sorts of deals are so common that they have a nickname – passing the trash.   What happens is that an accused teacher is allowed to voluntarily resign from […] Read More

It’s Not About Sex

Thinking that clergy sex abuse is about sex is like thinking the Bataan Death March was about marching.Yet, over and over again, Southern Baptist leaders talk about clergy sex abuse as though it were just another form of “sexual sin.” Repeatedly, I’ve seen them list child molestation along with such things as pornography, adultery and […] Read More