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Chris Sanders

Wage theft is all around us – some estimates say billions of dollars a year unpaid – falling hardest on the most vulnerable, particularly black workers. However, what is wrong can be made right. […] Read More

Chris Sanders is a practicing employment lawyer, active in law, labor, faith and politics. […] Read More

Focusing on the state of the problems facing black America, the Angela Project Conference will be held Sept. 14-15 at St. Stephen Church in Louisville, Kentucky. […] Read More

Although unions aren’t the bulwark against corporate greed they once were, the teacher uprisings of 2018 have been a bright spot and a path forward in a tough employment environment. […] Read More

“So, explain this ‘right-to-work’ to me,” a frequent question from my business friends. “Why are you against a right to work? I thought you’d be for it.” “I’ll try with reference to your world of transactions, whether profit or nonprofit,” I say. “The union is a large nonprofit. In a right-to-work jurisdiction, all employees covered […] Read More

The Christmas season is here, so we’re shopping. Appeals for door-buster deals are everywhere. Bright lights and happy music draw us in with cheerful promises of abundant gifts at low prices. It’s all good, when it’s all good for everyone. But what about when it isn’t? America is still a young, capitalist society when it […] Read More

Labor Day is coming up. In the United States, as with most legally mandated Monday holidays, in the minds of most it has lost any inspirational significance and has become just another three-day weekend. In fact, its forgotten significance is buried deeper than the other Monday holidays. Many people who can tell you what Memorial […] Read More

Right to Work–For Less

Times are tough, and every community is desperate for new jobs–and new ideas to bring new jobs. In Kentucky, Gov. Ernie Fletcher has resurrected a tired, old idea: right-to-work-for-less. Despite the “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!” bleating from the business magnates, the governor’s “Employee Choice” initiative is not some bold, innovative solution to bring new business and […] Read More

This is one Labor Day article that isn’t going to start by moaning about what lousy shape the American labor movement is in. You’ll read that in the mainstream press on Monday, mark my words. They’ll drone on about ” the old gray labor movement, she ain’t what she used to be.” We do have […] Read More

For too long, church folk have limited the gospel in the workplace to personal evangelism, chaplaincy and counseling. These aren’t just good; they are great. But what about ethics? Our faith should inform our daily lives. For too long, we have treated Labor Day as just another Monday at the lake. At best, we tip […] Read More