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Chinese New Year

The Chinese have for centuries viewed the coming of the New Year as a time for new beginnings. They sweep the yard (few had lawns in those days) clean out their homes and closets, and got rid of chipped or cracked pottery. New items are purchased to replace the old. They really give themselves to […] Read More

While getting over the Chinese feast my wife cooked as we celebrated Chinese New Year last Wednesday, I found a few things the whole world might have overlooked in recent weeks. 1. There is now an environmentally friendly golf tee. You read that right. A company is promoting an Epoch 3 golf tee that reduces […] Read More

The origin of the Chinese New Year is centuries old and lost in a haze of legend and myth. All legends agree that the word “Nian,” a Chinese term meaning “year,” was the name of a cruel monster that preyed on and swallowed people the night before the beginning of the new year. Chinese people […] Read More