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Christianity in China is growing at a rate not seen since the 1930s. Despite political restrictions and regulations on constructing church buildings, Christians adapt to meeting in hotels or private premises for worship services. […] Read More

Accurate statistics for how many Christians there are in China are hard to come by. Estimates vary widely from the official number of 40 million to unofficial estimates of more than 100 million. Regardless of the numbers, there are not nearly enough trained ministers to shepherd the large number of churches. We serve in Sichuan […] Read More

Ian Johnson, Beijing-based author of “The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao,” has given considerable thought to the reasons that Christianity and other religions are growing in China. At a recent Council on Foreign Relations event in New York, Johnson noted that the rapid urbanization of China has resulted in alienation with […] Read More

International media coverage in recent years has focused significantly on responding to ISIS. As a result, the increasing tension between the U.S. and Russia and China has received less attention than it should. By sane and carefully thought-out responses, the U.S. can defuse such situations, but it has to understand exactly what it is dealing […] Read More

Judging by media coverage over the past few years, it would be easy to assume that the West is locked in a death struggle with radical Islam. Against that view, I want to make two arguments. Although the first is (or should be) strictly noncontroversial, the second may be surprising. To begin, let us agree […] Read More

The tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents, prominent among them high school and university students, whom the world saw on the streets of the territory for two months since September, were reasonable and peaceful, even in the face of sometimes terrible provocation. Last week saw the police clearing away the barricades and the few […] Read More

The average human today lives longer, travels further, burns more carbon and eats more food than in any generation before us. The unsustainable consumption habits of Europe, the United States and Japan have been promoted worldwide and are now being emulated by hundreds of millions in China, India, Brazil and Indonesia. The carbon-fueled, capital-intensive approach […] Read More

VATICAN CITY (RNS) In its latest move in a long-running power struggle with the Vatican, China’s state-run Catholic church ordained another bishop without the approval of Pope Benedict XVI. The Rev. Joseph Huang Bingzhang was ordained as bishop of Shantou on Thursday (July 14). According to the Vatican-affiliated Asia News service, the eight bishops who […] Read More

(RNS) Stepping up a protracted confrontation with the Vatican, China’s state-run Catholic church on Wednesday (June 29) ordained a bishop without the approval of Pope Benedict XVI just three days after police arrested the pope’s choice for bishop of another Chinese diocese. The Rev. Paul Lei Shiyin was ordained as bishop of Leshan. According to […] Read More

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Catholics forced to participate in ordinations of bishops without the pope’s approval may be exempt from the usual penalty of automatic excommunication, the Vatican said on Friday (June 10). Bishops who consecrate other bishops without a papal “mandate” incur automatic excommunication, as do the men they consecrate and all other ministers who […] Read More