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Charlie Johnson

A faith-based advocate for public education will swing through the Volunteer State as part of a broad, national push in support of education as a public trust. […] Read More

I barely made it through the Easter Sunday sermon. Through a severely hoarse voice, I did manage to croak out the affirmation that “Christ is risen, he is risen indeed.” Like all preachers, I had been hoarse many times before. I figured it was nothing a few nights’ sleep and some allergy medicine wouldn’t cure. […] Read More

A motion made at last year’s Southern Baptist Convention to remove Ft. Worth’s Broadway Baptist Church from membership in the SBC over the issue of homosexuality was discussed today by the denomination’s executive committee, which delayed action until the completion of further study. The motion stemmed from the 2008 SBC annual meeting when Bill Sanderson, […] Read More

One of the oddest ironies of contemporary Christianity in America is the inability ”or unwillingness ”of progressive churches to evangelize. These are the churches with the most excellent values of inclusiveness and empowerment. It is axiomatic that openness of heart and mind to all people is a principal ingredient for congregational growth. But, it is […] Read More