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Charitable Giving

The holiday season is here once again, and with the festivities come multiple invitations to give to worthwhile missional causes. Determining which ones to give to can be painstaking and time consuming. Because of the multiple opportunities and solicitations that come our way, it is important that we are generous and smart in our giving. […] Read More

The most generous U.S. cities are located in the South and Midwest, with the majority of donations going to churches, according to a Barna Group analysis. Texas, New Mexico, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and Wisconsin were home to the most generous U.S. cities. El Paso, Texas, and its neighbor, Las Cruces, New Mexico, were the […] Read More

The primary motivation for philanthropic gifts was a belief in an organization’s mission for 81 percent of U.S. adults who donated in the past year, according to a Gallup survey. Only 8 percent of respondents cited tax deductions as the major reason for their donations. Other leading motivations were the desire to make a difference […] Read More

All but a few churches in our region are struggling with their finances. Giving is down, expenses are up. Many of the ensuing financial discussions focus on what should be cut to meet ends. We need more insights on how to increase income. I had a recent discussion about church finances with a pastor who […] Read More

Churches are a pipeline for gift-giving throughout the year – and especially during the Christmas season. University Baptist Church in Charlottesville, Virginia, pastored by Michael Cheuk, collected groceries to provide the food items necessary to prepare a Christmas meal for local families in need. The bags of food will be distributed by a local nonprofit […] Read More

Twenty folks possess more wealth than 50 percent of U.S. citizens, according to a December 2015 report from the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), a Washington-based progressive think tank focused on peace, justice and the environment. The IPS study cites data from the latest Forbes 400 list, which necessitates having a net worth of at […] Read More

Churches are gift-giving institutions during the Christmas season. First Baptist Church of Bristol, Virginia, has partnered with a local nonprofit that coordinates with their county’s Department of Children’s Services to provide gifts for foster children. The congregation, where Ronnie Brewer serves as pastor, sponsored 21 children this December. On Dec. 19, members of Second Baptist […] Read More

Kids raised in religious homes are less generous and kind than those raised in nonreligious homes, according to a recent study. By religious, the report means that the parents identified with a religion (mainly Christianity or Islam), and they measured frequency of religious attendance and rated the overall spiritual atmosphere of the home. I traced […] Read More

Six, high-end catalogues arrived at our home on a single day. A few more arrived over the next few days. More are expected. On the men’s side, one catalogue had a cashmere sweater for $300, a suede jacket for $1,065, a corduroy shirt for $175 and boxers for $48. Another men’s catalogue had a holiday […] Read More