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Building trusting relationships in healthcare chaplaincy is difficult. Many folks are skeptical and wary around those who define themselves as people of faith, but it’s possible to help spiritual conversations blossom. […] Read More

As a society, we resist talking about what is an absolute for all of us: We will someday die. It’s time we have conversations with our loved ones about our deaths and our wishes for end-of-life care. […] Read More

The biggest way your church can honor veterans is not through worship services centered around an unauthentic fantasy of “American exceptionalism” on Veterans Day. Instead, try these 3 ideas. […] Read More

Working in healthcare and interested in the spiritual side of care? A new Twitter feed created by a Baptist chaplain might be of interest. The @WeChaplains account is designed to provide a forum for those working in health care to discuss and be resourced in spiritual care. It was set up by David Southall, an […] Read More

Not long ago, I encountered a woman whose husband of 56 years was dying after a prolonged illness. In great anguish, she went through a period of wondering if God even heard her prayers. Gradually she accepted that death was at hand, but tearfully added, “What about heaven? Will I see my husband again in […] Read More

“Chaplain, I just wanted to drop in and say thank you for the worship Sunday night,” said one the women at the correctional center where I serve as chaplain. “Well, thank you, Hannah. Tell me, which part of it was meaningful?” I responded. Unfortunately, I thought worship that night was a bit of a flop. […] Read More

My Queen’s Square reflex hammer was my constant companion throughout 30 years in neurology practice. I used it daily to check reflexes as I endeavored to determine the neurologic status of those who sought my medical advice. It was also used to see if all reflexes were gone, as life itself had ended. He had […] Read More

A new federal law limiting access to patient information could make it harder for chaplains to minister in hospitals. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which went into effect April 14, is designed to protect the privacy of individuals by ensuring that sensitive medical records are not released to marketing firms, financial institutions and […] Read More