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When dealing with homelessness, some people are “naïve do-gooders” while others are “harsh enforcers.” These groups must join forces and focus on the homeless people themselves, not just the perspective of their positions. […] Read More

When we were small children, the future was simply tomorrow. While it seemed distant, it was only a good night’s sleep away. Later, the future turned into dreams: What will you be when you grow up? The future felt like it was eons away but beckoned us with possibility. In these periods of our lives, […] Read More

The Modern to Postmodern shift is continuing to have an impact on local churches. While discussing its implications recently with a group of church leaders, someone said, “Every pastor is a renewal, redevelopment or transformational pastor at this point in history, whether that pastor or his/her congregation knows it or not.” Every church is engaging […] Read More

Given the high-change environment in which we find ourselves, adapting is a primary focus for healthy, forward-leaning congregations. Those who learn quickly, pivot their practices and embody the Kingdom of God in life-giving ways will flourish. So can we predict which congregations will adapt, making the shift to vitalized 21st century faith communities? Not with […] Read More

I am engaged regularly for coaching or consulting on the other side of change – when things don’t go so well. Pastors who have initiated a failed change process are typically curious (if they have the luxury of curiosity) about what happened. Certainly, lay leaders and congregations are large parts of the mix. Beyond this, […] Read More

How much do you consider yourself a change agent? If you are a pastor, a church staff member or lay leader, then welcome to the world of change management. Every congregation is in the process of adapting to this new postmodern context in which we find ourselves. Every congregation has varying levels of awareness about […] Read More

Change is never easy. Most often the willingness to change (or the necessity to change) comes from external factors – an economic adjustment, an environmental shift or a personal crisis. The only certainty in life is that things will change. The church is going through a time of adjustment due to cultural, economic, social and […] Read More

What does a new generation desire from the church? This subject is addressed in Rachel Held Evans’ new book, “Searching For Sunday: Loving, Leaving and Finding the Church,” which a group at my congregation is studying on Wednesday evenings. It’s a remarkable book that speaks to an institution that is truly struggling at present. Recently, […] Read More

We all know the overworked cliché that defines insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” As worn and familiar as it is, we keep proving its essential wisdom. It happens in the groups of which we’re a part. With urgency and optimism, for example, we have a visioning […] Read More

At every workshop I lead, someone will ask how he or she can lead change in their church when most of the people are content with the way things are. At the most, they confess, there are only a handful of people who want to see their church do more. I always respond that you […] Read More