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Center for Healthy Churches

When your church searches for your next pastor, are you making a hire or extending a call? There are distinct differences. Vocational ministry is a unique calling. These 5 traits will help you establish a healthy call process. […] Read More

In political and congregational spheres, fear drives a disturbing number of Christians to embrace harsh, divisive, self-centered and transactional leadership. Instead, we must practice Jesus’ way of peacemaking and humility. […] Read More

When congregations face changes, some people will resist at all costs. To successfully navigate change, your church will need to avoid two extremes that will doom you to failure. […] Read More

Church people talk. They talk about all kinds of things: the pastor, her sermon, how many people used to be in worship, and what we ought to be doing but haven’t yet. This kind of talk can be threatening to a pastor, but it doesn’t have to be. Having people care enough about what’s happening […] Read More

My colleague Bob Dale often asks me a simple question. “Bill, what are we hearing out there in the churches?” He knows that every week members of our Center for Healthy Churches’ team are fanning out across the country to work in dozens of churches of every size, shape, denomination, setting and orientation. We hear […] Read More

People went to the polls last Tuesday, an election day starting the one-year countdown in a presidential campaign that seems already to have gone on forever. Contenders for their party’s nomination are, in addition to staging media events, attempting to build coalitions of voters in each primary state. Such coalition building often involves “retail politics:” […] Read More

I love what I do. Really. Every day is like a new adventure of learning and exploring the future of congregational and clergy life. While the future is uncertain and daunting, there is no doubt that this is a pivotal time to be alive and engaged in the work of the kingdom. A significant part […] Read More