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A new television sitcom, “The Grinder,” holds up a mirror that should make us ashamed or at least embarrassed. I watch a lot of television because it helps me keep in touch with popular culture and my students. Knowing what’s on TV helps me relate to students and understand American culture. Karl Barth is supposed […] Read More

Marcus Mumford, front man for the popular musical act, Mumford and Sons, has caused a stir among evangelical Christians. When asked by Rolling Stone magazine if he considers himself to be a Christian, Mumford said: “I don’t really like that word. It comes with so much baggage.” He added: “So, no, I wouldn’t call myself […] Read More

In a world where life sometimes imitates art, Arnold Schwarzenegger, an actor with no previous political experience or apparent political interest, is now governor-elect of California. This election was not merely a contest between a failed political insider and an energetic and creative outsider—though Arnold’s camp certainly tried to pitch the race in these terms. […] Read More