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A Christian testimony was unexpectedly heard on Monday afternoon at CBS News headquarters in New York City. That I had not anticipated hearing such a witness discloses more about my expectations of national TV reporters than about national reporters themselves.   A common prejudice among Baptists and other people of faith is that the national […] Read More

The United Church of Christ protested two networks’ refusal to air an ad welcoming gays to their congregations. CBS and NBC refused to air the 30-second commercial geared to Americans who feel alienated from the church. The spot features two muscular bouncers in front of a traditional church building and behind a velvet rope that […] Read More

A CBS News proposal to interview former POW Jessica Lynch has raised concerns about media conglomeration—and sparked a war of words between CBS News and the New York Times, which first reported on the proposal Monday. “CBS News combined its pitch for a two-hour documentary with many other projects envisioned by the other divisions of […] Read More