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Centrist Baptists have felt abandoned by both fundamentalists and liberals. However, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is a diverse community seeking to do missions and ministry in new and exciting ways, and there’s room for all. […] Read More

Pastors and ministry leaders on both sides of the Mexico-United States border are gearing up to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the immigrant caravan marching toward the U.S. […] Read More

As Burundian children living in refugee camps in Tanzania, they hoped for a brighter future. Today, enrolled in college in the U.S., they serve other Burundians at home and abroad. […] Read More

Scheduled for release on Oct. 1, a report will give the public a long overdue snapshot of female clergy across a wide spectrum of Christian denominations and traditions. […] Read More

Praying for one another is one thing that Southern Baptist Convention and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship loyalists can do for one another, so argued a Texas Baptist editor prior to the annual meetings of the SBC and CBF. Marv Knox, editor of the Baptist Standard, observed that the two groups are unlikely to “remarry,” even though […] Read More

It was just an ordinary hotel room the night before – two beds, a television, a couple of chairs, a forgettable print of some unknown artwork and a Gideon’s Bible in the bedside table – but something was different that night. That night, as the sun set and people made their way to their homes […] Read More

The nominee for executive coordinator for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship says it is a “tremendous time of change” for the organization. Suzii Paynter, a longtime Baptist leader and the nominee, discusses both short-term and long-term priorities for CBF in a new Skype interview with Skype Interview: Suzii Paynter from EthicsDaily on Vimeo. A significant […] Read More

Although Athens, Greece, is ordinarily the epitome of mild, Mediterranean weather, January and February are our cold months. Surrounded as we are by mountains, recent weather has been at the freezing point, with snow on the ground in the city. As the temperature went lower and the price of heating oil went higher due to […] Read More

At PORTA – the Albania House in Athens – we’re all about giving. We give of ourselves, and we give nearly everything we do for free. There are many reasons for this. For one, as what Greeks call a “spiritual” center, we are not allowed to charge for our services. For another, our primary clients […] Read More

“Porta” means “door” in Albanian and Greek. It has also come to signify a place of “help, hope and wholeness” for Albanian immigrants in Athens, Greece. PORTA – The Albania House in Athens is the topic of a new Skype interview with PORTA’s founders, Bob and Janice Newell. Skype Interview: Bob and Janice Newell from […] Read More