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Churches don’t need to re-open like some U.S. states are beginning to do. Ministry never stopped, even as faith communities have ceased in-person gatherings to promote the common good. […] Read More

How the church responds to victims of sexual abuse, especially in the initial days of disclosure, can determine the trajectory of their healing. These “best practices” will help you respond from a victim-centered approach. […] Read More

“Good Faith After Hours,” a social event planned for June 24 during the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s General Assembly in Atlanta, has been canceled. […] Read More

With many of us enslaved to our economic and social situations, we rarely slow down and rest. Yet Sabbath was God’s way of telling his beloved children they were worthy of rest. Is COVID-19 a ‘great pause’ for us to consider? […] Read More

Good Faith Media, a new media company being formed by Nurturing Faith and EthicsDaily, is hosting an after-hours event this summer during the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s General Assembly 2020. […] Read More

Once Navid knew he would be leaving the offshore refugee camp near Australia for his new home in the US, a community of people and churches began to work to welcome him upon his arrival. […] Read More

Stuck in a repressive Australian offshore processing center for refugees, Navid learned he had been approved for a resettlement program to the US. Many obstacles had to be overcome, but God unlocked each one. […] Read More

Navid grew up in a Muslim family in Iran but decided he wanted to become a Christian, a decision that led to him being beaten and tortured by government police. He knew he had to flee the country. […] Read More

Welcome House Raleigh is a temporary housing ministry for refugees and immigrants seeking a long-term housing solution. A team of vetted volunteers offers hospitality, settlement assistance and assimilation into the community. […] Read More

Focusing on US counties with persistent rural poverty, Together for Hope’s work includes transformative literacy programs that create opportunities for the children in these counties, helping them break the chains of illiteracy. […] Read More